Message from the President

Aiming for infinite advancement

President  We, Fukuhara Group, are proud of our unique business structure. At the center of our group is the sales division Fukuhara Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd which, along with Precision Fukuhara Works Ltd, manufacturer of circular knitting machines, and Fukuhara Needle Co. Ltd, manufacturer of knitting elements such as needles and sinkers, forms a knitting machinery group like no other in the world.
 Our long time working relationship with Monarch Knitting Machinery Corporation with its head office in the United States is also an integral part of our global business. Under the technology and sales alliance between Monarch and Fukuhara, Fukuhara products are sold under the MONARCH brand mainly in Europe and North America. The very same products are sold as the FUKUHARA brand in most other regions of the world.
 The knitted fabrics produced by our machines have a variety of uses, many of which are indispensable for daily life. Some examples include inner wear, T-shirts, polo shirts, cut and sew as well as sweater type garment uses. Fabrics are also used for the production of sporting goods such as training wear, leotards, swimming wear, et cetera. In recent years non-apparel industries have also come to realize the special characteristics and merits of knitted fabric. Knitted fabrics are increasingly being used in the manufacturing of car seats, automobile interiors, medical tape, mattress ticking, construction materials, and other medical as well as industrial uses.
 Based around the knitting technology we have cultivated over many years, it is our aim to continue to supply the world with high-quality circular knitting machinery, parts, and needles manufactured in Japan to the utmost precision. This way, we will continue our important role in the textile industry, one of the key industries of mankind.
 Satoshi Uemura

Corporate Profile

Founded in April,1923
Established in August,1938
Bank Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Mizuho Bank
Directors President : Satoshi Uemura
Executive Director : Masanori Fukuhara
Director : Seiichi Hamanaka
Director : Yoshiyasu Arai
Auditor : Kuniharu Yotsui
Employees FUKUHARA Group : about 500

Head Office

Address 6-14 , Kitahama-Higashi , Chuo-ku , Osaka , 540-0031 Japan
Tel +81-6-6943-0696
Fax +81-6-6941-1703
  Fukuhara Building 
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Fukuhara Building
Completion in 1932
Designer: Misao Kuno


Address 1-1-5, Honjyo-cho, Higashinada-ku, Kobe, 658-0012, Japan
[Needle Section]
Tel +81-78-200-6173
Fax +81-78-200-6175
[Parts Section]
Tel +81-78-200-6174
Fax +81-78-200-6175


April , 1923
Tomosuke Fukuhara founded a firm for importing and domestically selling textile machines, sewing machines and electronic devices in Osaka.
    Tomosuke Fukuhara
April , 1933
A factory was opened for manufacturing textile machines in Toyonaka, Osaka, and the first Japan-made high speed warp machine (tricot) was developed.
May , 1937
The Mikuni factory in northern Osaka was opened and started manufacturing circular knitting machines for sale to the domestic market and south-east Asian countries.
May , 1938
Production of 6 feet lathes began and the company was established.
6 feet lathes
August , 1938
Neumann Works Ltd, run by German engineer Mr. Neumann, was purchased and production of precise table lathes and engravers began.
Jun , 1943
A factory was built in Wakayama for manufacturing Mitsubishi aircraft parts.
September , 1945
The name of the firm was changed to the present Fukuhara Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd. and the manufacturing of knitting machines and needles for domestic and overseas markets was restarted. The importing of industrial use sewing machines also commenced.
knitting machine jacquard machine
April , 1950 Acquired patent right to use of U.S. Wesco Inc,. for electricity stop motion and started equipping the device with Fukuhara circular knitting machines.
July , 1951
The company capital became yen 21,000,000.-.
August , 1952
The Mikuni factory was closed and production moved to the Ashiya factory in Kobe.
April , 1954
The Toyonaka factory was closed and production of tricot machines ceased. All employees and equipment were moved to the Ashiya factory and Shirahama factory in Wakayama.
October , 1956
Precision Fukuhara Works was established in Ashiya as a subsidiary of Fukuhara Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd., which moved to Kitahama, Osaka as the Fukuhara group sales division
July , 1957 Shozo Fukuhara was inaugurated as President of Fukuhara Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd.. Shozo Fukuhara
December , 1961 A long-term technology and sales agreement was reached with Camber (present Monarch Knitting Machinery Corporation) in the U.S. and the export of circular knitting machines to the U.S. market commenced.
November , 1963
Fukuhara became the Far-Eastern agent of IRO Sweden AB for positive yarn feeding devices. The devices were sold as well as equipped to Fukuhara circular knitting machines.
May , 1964
Fukuhara Needle Co., Ltd., was established in Shirahama, Wakayama as a subsidiary producing needles and sinkers.
October , 1964
The company capital became yen31,500,000.-.
July , 1967
The company capital became yen50,400,000.-.
May , 1968
Monarch Japan Ltd. was established under joint management with U.S. Monarch Knitting Machinery Corporation and began exporting knitting machines, parts and needles to European countries.
March , 1972
Main office of Fukuhara was moved to present Fukuhara building.
Fukuhara building
July , 1974
The company capital became yen60,480,000.-.
March , 1982
A separate office in charge of needle and sinker sales was established in the Sun-Kitahama building in Osaka.
April , 1985
Fukuhara Technical Service (HK) Ltd. was established in Hong-Kong as a base for sales promotion as well as after-sale service to China and the entirety of South-East Asia.
September , 1987
Tokyo Fukuhara Industrial Co., Ltd was established as an independent subsidiary in Tokyo exclusively for sales to eastern Japan.
July , 1990
The company capital became yen72,576,000.-.
April , 1991
Tianjin Fukuhara Technical Service Center was established in Tianjin, China as a local agency of Fukuhara Technical Service (HK) Ltd. to undertake technical service in Tianjin and northern China.
November , 1991
Monarch Japan Ltd. was closed and absorbed as the Euro-America division of Fukuhara Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd.
October , 2001 Tokyo Fukuhara Industrial Co., Ltd was closed and absorbed as the Domestic sales division of Fukuhara Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd.
July , 2007 Satoshi Uemura was inaugurated as President.
July , 2008
Tianjin Fukuhara Technical Center was closed and Fukuhara (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai, China to strengthen technical service and support in China.
September , 2011 Fukuhara (Dongguan)Trading was established in Guangdong, China for strengthening technical service and back-up in China.
October , 2013 Office in Kitahama, Osaka (Needles/Sinkers section) and office in Imabashi, Osaka (Parts section) moved to Higashinada, Kobe as FUKUHARA ASHIYA CENTER.


Precision Fukuhara Works, Ltd.

Address 3-5 , Ibukidai-higashimachi 7-chome ,
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  Nishi-ku , Kobe ,651-2242 Japan
TEL 078-997-8800
FAX 078-997-8806
  Established : October, 1956
  Capital : Yen 96,000,000
  History of machine development

Fukuhara Needle Co., Ltd.

Address 2753-1 , Katada , Shirahama-cho ,
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  Nishimuro-gun , Wakayama , 649-2201 Japan
TEL 0739-45-0032
FAX 0739-45-1788
  Established : 1948
  Capital : 79,300,000
  History of needle development
  Needle trouble and causes
  The wear due to natural fiber  

Fukuhara Technical Service (HK) Ltd.

Address 17/FL, Concord Technology Centre,98 Texaco Road,Tsuen Wan, NT, Hong Kong
TEL +852-2408-9106
FAX +852-2407-6097

Fukuhara (Dongguan)Trading

TEL +86-769-85020810
FAX +86-769-82888184

Fukuhara (Shanghai) Trading Co.,Ltd

Address Room 1902 , Super Ocean Finance Center , 2067 Yan'an West Road , Hong Qiao , Chang Ning district , Shanghai , China
TEL +86-21-6278-9656
FAX +86-21-6278-9661

Monarch Fukuhara Enterprises

TEL +63-2-740-1252
FAX +63-2-740-1253

Monarch Knitting Machinery Corp.

Address 115 N Secrest Avenue Monroe, North Carolina 28110, U.S.A.
TEL +1-704-291-3300
FAX +1-704-291-3333

Monarch Knitting Machinery (U.K) Ltd.

Address Boston Road, Beaumont Leys, Leicester LE4 1BG, U.K.
TEL +44-116-235-1502
FAX +44-116-236-7201