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Inquiry by the telephone

Asia area

Sales division 1 South Asia section TEL:+81-6-6943-0693 FAX:+81-6-6946-9182
  (Indonesia, Malaysia, Mauritius, Thailand etc. )
Sales Division 1 West Asia section TEL:+81-6-6943-0697 FAX:+81-6-6946-9182
  (Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Syria etc. )
Sales Division 2 East Asia section TEL:+81-6-6943-0694 FAX:+81-6-6941-1683
  (China, Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia etc. )
Sales division 2 Japan section TEL:+81-6-6943-0695 FAX:+81-6-6941-1683

Europe and Latin America area

Sales Division 3 Euro-America section TEL:+81-6-6943-0681 FAX:+81-6-6946-9182
  (Europe, North America, Africa area)
Sales Division 3 Latin-America section TEL:+81-6-6943-0682 FAX:+81-6-6946-9182
  (Latin America, Oceania area)