Fukuhara Private Exhibition
Fukuhara Private Exhibition

Date: 6 (Tue) to 10 (Sat) March 2018

Hours: 9:30 to 17:00 (10:00 to 16:30 on Saturday)

Location: Fukuhara Ashiya Center
(1-1-5, Honjyo-Cho, Higashinada-ku, Kobe, 6580012)
The Ashiya Center is located about ten minutes by foot from either
the Konanyamate station on the JR Kobe train line or Ashiya station
on the Hanshin train line.

As the theme for the exhibition is

Machines on display:

M-LEC6DSI 38” diameter x 28 gauge (72 feeds)
M-LEC7BSH 38” diameter x 20 gauge (84 feeds)
M-SEC7BSME 16” diameter x 24 gauge (36 feeds)
M-FY4QG 34” diameter x 7/28 gauge (36 feeds)
MC-6ER22 30” diameter x 24 gauge (60 feeds)
MXC-S3.2DFDRE 30” diameter x 22 gauge (96 feeds)

Machines on display:
1) M-LEC6DSI 38x28 (72 feeds)

This double knit electronic Jacquard machine with double (cylinder & dial) needle selection supports a 28 gauge specification which was difficult to manufacture with our conventional double selection mechanism. As a result, even higher grade double selection Jacquard fabrics are possible. The machine will be displayed together with our "Woven Look" (patented by Monarch UK) fabrics. These fabrics offer the advantages of conventional knitted mattress fabric while maintaining the look of a woven article.

2) M-LEC7BSH 38x20 (84 feeds)

Based on the existing LEC7BSC (electronic Jacquard mattress ticking machine), we have developed a super-high speed double knit machine capable of knitting mattress fabrics at speeds of 900SF (24RPM).

3) M-SEC7BSME 16x24 (36 feeds)

This multi-feeder single knit electronic Jacquard machine is capable of producing body-size full Jacqaurd mesh fabrics. The body-size roll means garments can be made without cutting and sewing, resulting in more comfortable fabrics.

4) M-FY4QG 34x7/28 (36 feeds)

This "quarter gauge" model utilizes different gauge needles for the cylinder and dial at a 1:4 ratio, allowing for the creation of high-performance fabrics on which the front and back have a different look and feel. Four color striper functionality is also possible for further design possibilities on the front side of the fabric.

5) MC-6ER22 30x24 (60 feeds)

This new rib machine allows for speeds of 1200 SF, giving the user an approximate production increase of 30% over our conventional rib model.

6) MXC-S3.2DFDRE 30x22 (96 feeds)

Compared to conventional double fleece models, more attractive inlay loops of various yarn types and stitch lengths can be formed while maintaining the usual high plating quality for the knit-in and tie-in yarn loops. S3.2RE conversion kits are also available for additional fabric possibilities.

Other equipment on display:

・PROTECHNA (NEEDLE SENSOR) *will be setup on M-LEC7BSH 38x20 machine
*Technical staff from these manufacturers will also be in attendance: